31 July 2014

Cigarette Butt Again!

WTF, 3 times in one month, I wonder who did that, must be the same a$$hole, not sure which unit, so zhun always kena my aircon, f**king hell purposely aim at my aircon or what, I reported to NEA again, better come and install the spycam and catch that scumbag and fine him at least $500, no at least $1000.

See 3 Holes

See my 3rd report.

3rd Report to NEA

Actually on 30 Jul the NEA guys got come and stake-out but unfortunately never catch that f**ker, I think stake-out not so effective, install spycam easier, my area so many litterbugs, one shot catch and fine them all. I'm also a smoker, I don't understand why after smoking can throw out of the window, no ash tray? No trash bin?

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