Cigarette Butt Landed on My Compressor Again!

Bloody hell, this is the 3rd time since I bought this house, only about 2 months and I kena 3 times, I have no idea which f**ker threw it but I'm guessing it's not from the unit directly above because their window is closed but also hard to say, basket, I will lodge another NEA report, must bring this f**ker to justice, fine him pain pain.

3rd Time!

I lodged another report with NEA, f**king hell, I hope this f**ker kena cancer.

2nd Report at NEA

Really don't understand, I'm also a smoker, I have an ash tray at home, so after I smoke, cigarette butt throw where? In the ash tray of course! What the f**k, how come this idiot smoke already throw out of the window, power la, must fine him at least $500 to wake him up, my wife say go upstairs and check with them but what's the point, everyone will definitely deny, my way is to report to NEA until they cannot take it then they come and install the spycam and hopefully catch the f**ker in action and slap him with the maximum fine, this type no need to play nice.


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