Don't Think I Will Visit Courts Again

Today me and wife went around looking for sofa, office chair and microwave oven, we visited IKEA but didn't settle on anything because we thought we should check out other places first, we ended up buying tidbits and stuff at their bistro section, they have all sorts of products which me and wife have never seen before. I grabbed a bottle of their citron and elderberry liquor, 3 packs of potato chips which I can't wait to try, a bottle of ketchup, yeah, the same one that they let you put on their hotdogs, I haven't try the hotdog though, my wife grabbed some strange tasting candy called Godis Lakrits, I really don't like the taste, and finally some fried onions, haha I love fried onions.

After that we went to Courts at their Clementi branch. We started at the home appliances section, a salesgirl approached us and I told her we will take a look first, somehow she kept on following us, everywhere we go she follow, wow, I just want to take my time to literally take a look, how difficult is that to understand? I know she's trying to be helpful but it's really annoying when you feel like someone is stalking you, I just want to slowly see the different brands, compare the prices and see which one we like, that's all, and if I need help of course I will ask for help, there is no need to keep following us. This is not the first time we encountered such a situation at Courts, if you click that link, although I didn't mention it in that post but that salesman also kept following us, is this part of their company policy or what, must follow the customer everywhere and never leave them in peace???

Next we went to the second level to look at their sofa and office chairs, their office chair variety was pathetic, just a few old looking chairs hiding in a corner and all felt uncomfortable, never mind, we looked at the sofa, wow, prices were ridiculous, all so expensive, even the uncomfortable ones also need $2000+! Who will buy? Anyway we were looking for a two seater, the cheapest and comfortable one we can find was a $599 display set, condition looks good, almost wanted to buy but when I saw the salesmen, wah really no mood, one was sitting on a chair shaking his leg and daydreaming, another was giving me a dirty look, think I no money to buy? Downstairs the salesgirl overzealous, upstairs the salesmen pissing you off, really ultimate experience, no wonder the store is like a ghost town even on a Saturday.

Anyway we went to OG at Chinatown, definitely my favourite place to buy home appliances, almost forgot about this place, we saw the same Panasonic microwave oven from Courts, same price at $129 but we got a pleasant surprise, the salesperson told us there is a 10% discount which means the final price is $116.10, see, better service and cheaper price for the same product, screw Courts. As for sofa and office chair, tomorrow my father will come to fix something for me, maybe I will ask him whether he is free to drive us to IKEA, he drives a lorry so it will be much easier for us.


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