02 July 2014

Flooring Almost Done!

Today the renovation guy finished up with laying the tiles and he did some patching of the cracks and the wall, I think he will probably do plastering for the walls tomorrow and finish up with patching the tile cracks and wrap up the whole thing, too bad he can't finish today but it's okay as long as I can see that work is done.

Not sure if I mentioned that my father got a free dining table with four chairs for me, anyway I setup the table as my computer desk, works perfectly, just the size for me, can put my monitor and still have plenty of writing space, I can even put my laptop if I want to, finally I have a big computer desk.

Then I got my wife a standing laundry rack, was thinking of the ceiling mounted type but she prefers the standing type because it's easier for her, the standing one was more expensive, two stands which can hold 6 poles costs $35 but my wife managed to get it at $33. I also found some advanced versions online which can go for $700+! I don't know why those are so expensive, doesn't look that useful to me, yeah it's more compact since you can keep it at the ceiling when you don't need it but the price doesn't make any sense to me, if it was me, I would just buy the J type, just mount it on and use forever, one set is only $20+.

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