SAF IPPT Changes

Finally they did something about the IPPT, there are several changes and it's quite a long page to read, let me highlight the important ones that every NSmen will want to know, as for the details, you can click here.

  • All changes will start from 01 Sep 2014, including the pilot implementation of the 3-stations IPPT.
  • IPPT monetary awards increased, gold from $400 to $500, silver from $200 to $300, incentive pass from $100 to $200.
  • NSmen will have 1 year to pass their IPPT, another year to clear their RT if they cannot pass, total 2 years.
  • If you are in 9 months IPPT window on 01 Sep 2014, you will enjoy a 3 months extension.
  • If you are in 3 months RT window on 01 Sep 2014, you will enjoy a 12 months extension.
  • One-time reset of default offenses if you can clear your RT within current RT window+12 months.
  • 3-stations IPPT are Push Up, Sit Up and 2.4KM run, maximum of 25/25/50 points respectively for a total of 100 points (refer to the details link for the scoring board).
  • For NSmen, you need 51 points to pass, 61 points for incentive pass, 71 for silver and 81 for gold.
Sounds good right, my IPPT window was supposed to end in early January as my birthday is in April, now I can have up to April to clear my IPPT, more time to train, and also I can get $100 more if I can get incentive pass, not bad.

And I notice something that they have not mention but I think it's quite obvious, they never said anything about minimum score in each station, you know in our current system, let's say you do well for 4 stations and you fail at one station, and even if your total score is very high, you will still fail. I have friends who can score 20 out of 25, but they still fail because they cannot jump or run.

Whereas in new system, there doesn't seem to be any minimum score, at least they never say anything about it, I assume there isn't, which is good, this will indeed give NSmen the motivation to try, some people don't bother because they cannot pass one station so no point for them to try even if they can excel in other stations, with new system, at least people who cannot jump will surely rejoice but for those who cannot run, well, you have to focus more on running then. Sit up I think most people can pass la, no way you can fail unless your stomach cramp or what.


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