16 August 2014

Dreamt That I Got Fired

The scene that I saw was a big corporate room with someone who seems to be the CEO, not my CEO in real life though, this dream CEO is younger without any white hair. Me and two or three other people that I have never seen before were sitting together in the room, what happened next was the CEO telling us that we are terminated immediately, everyone else said nothing and simply walked out of the room, I tried to ask for the reason but the CEO said nothing. In my mind I was so worried, so angry, so confused, wondering how the heck am I supposed to get a job, wondering why the heck was I terminated.

Next scene was the company HR passing me a payment slip, seems like the CEO ordered the HR to make immediate payment on the next day, obviously because I was terminated and he wanted to pay me fast so I can get lost fast.

After that, I woke up, so scary, now I realize that I'm scared of losing my job, fortunately in my company, it's not easy to get terminated, you really have to screw up ultra big time or do something illegal or something that will tarnish the company's reputation.

But I think losing job in Singapore is scary for anyone, just imagine the bills that you still have to pay even if you are jobless, just imagine time you need to find the next relevant job, I think it will be very stressful for people with kids or elderly parents to support, I think maybe government can consider providing help to these group of people, of course only the genuine cases, for those who are plain lazy and have not been working for a long time because they simply don't want to work, these type no need to help.

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