12 August 2014

My Job is Secured for the Next 8 Years

Today we just took over a new project, this is the one where I was supposed to be the lead but luckily my boss decided to let my senior take the lead, I find that I'm not leader quality lol, no actually being a lead is quite a pain in the ass, have to prepare monthly reports, attend meetings, just taking over this project I've already attended a lot of meetings and I don't really enjoy it, I'm the hands-on type of person, I prefer to get things done, meetings are a waste of time to me. Another thing is I realized that I won't get a promotion even if I get to be the lead, haha now you know why I say lucky, more responsibilities for the same pay.

Anyway I heard from my lead that we won the project with a contract of 8 years, that means I will have a job for the next 8 years unless I resign or get terminated, I don't think I will get terminated, I got to really screw up real bad in order to get terminated but of course I will be trying my best not to. So in this 8 years, I'm aiming to save as much money as I can, wonder if I can save $150,000, I hope so.

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