23 August 2014

Sheng Kee Food is So-So

This morning me and wife went to Clementi Mall to try new food, we passed by Sheng Kee so I suggested to try it since we never eat there before. The eating space is very small, even the tables and chairs are small, true to what I heard from my colleagues who went to Hong Kong, they say the eateries there i.e. Cha Chan Ting (茶餐厅) are very cramped, people have to eat quickly and the shop helpers will chase you out if you are not eating or have finished your food because their space is very limited, we must be very lucky to be able to take our own sweet time here, anyway I don't like small eating spaces, so uncomfortable, unless the food is superb then I don't mind, unfortunately the food at Sheng Kee is just so-so.

We ordered:

  • Dry signature noodle $8.50.
  • Rice with chicken and sausage $6.90.
  • Milk tea $2.90.
  • Add Gui Ling Gao and carrot cake for $1.90.
  • Subtotal $20.20.
  • Add $0.20 service charge and $1.43 GST, total $21.85.
The signature noodle comes with 2 pieces of Shui Jiao (whole prawn dumpling with pork) and 3 pieces of Wonton (pork dumpling), also comes with 2 pieces of veggies and a small bowl of soup. The dumplings not bad, but noodle quite bland, soup also quite bland, our local noodles still better and cheaper, for $8.50 I can eat two big bowls.

My wife say the rice with chicken and sausage is ok, I tried the chicken, I also think it's ok, you know, as in so-so kind of ok, it reminds me of my mother's claypot chicken rice, but of course my mother's claypot chicken rice is much better, this dish also quite bland in taste.

Milk tea is just milk tea, nothing special, the gui ling gao also nothing special, carrot cake is ok, Hong Kong style carrot cake but I have eaten tastier version at our local coffee-shop. I remember there used to be a chef from Hong Kong who opened a stall at the coffee-shop in my parent's neighbourhood, everyday he will handmake carrot cakes, yam cakes, you know the type where the filling will burst out when you bite on it, spring rolls and etc, too bad he closed shop and moved elsewhere, miss his century egg porridge, he will put some crispy fried biscuit or flour, really goes very well with the porridge.

Now that I think of it, I don't think Hong Kong food is bland, the chef that I'm talking about, his dim sum, porridge, chee cheong fun, oh yeah, he was also selling the rice with chicken and sausage, now that I think of it, it's supposed to be well-salted, this Sheng Kee version really lose out.

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