17 August 2014

Sichuan Mala Pot So Expensive

Just now my wife tried the mala pot for the first time, it's not the steamboat kind of mala pot, it's the type where you choose some ingredients and then the chef will stir fry it in the mala sauce. She ordered seaweed, black fungus, sliced bamboo, enoki mushrooms and sliced pork, guess how much, $15, what the heck, ok the serving is enough for two but $15 is a rip-off and it doesn't even come with rice, I can buy whole packs of everything and cook it myself for less than $10 and serve at least 4, anyway they only gave two small slices of pork in case you think it might be the pork that is expensive. It's mostly just veggies, how come they can charge so much just for veggies, the mala sauce is not expensive, you can get it at any supermarket for around $2+.

By the way it's at a food court, Kou Fu at Commonwealth MRT, even so, the price is still ridiculous, I wonder if this is the normal price for mala pot, it's our first time eating it, my wife told me the two guys after her were each charged $20+ for their pots, wow, one meal at a food court costs $20+, and it's not the more expensive ingredients like fish or prawns, it's just veggies with chili, if it comes with prawns and fish then what, $40+ or $50+? Might as well eat at Sakae Sushi or order a few dishes at the Zi Char stall. Oh and my wife told me they are selling the supermarket kind of taiwan sausage for $3.80 per piece, simply outrageous.

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roger wong said...

I agree with you. I have been eating mala stir fry quite a few times this couple of weeks and the cost is ridiculously expensive.

Definitely over priced. Every order will end up $15 per pax