06 September 2014

Encountered Two Outbursts of Anger in One Day!

Man Vs. hawker centre cleaner

I was eating with my wife at Chinatown Complex when this man and his girlfriend or wife came to the table behind us, the man looks like he is in his early or mid 30s, the table was packed with plates and trays and he called out to the cleaner uncle to clean it, he sounded ok, not rude but the uncle responded in an unhappy tone and told him to wait, then this man shouted at the uncle and asked him if he was trying to find trouble, and then they started arguing, after that the man went to buy his food while his partner sat down. After the uncle finished with the other tables he came to clean the man's table, he complained to the man's partner and said he was busy, how come the man cannot wait, then the man came back and yelled at the uncle and told him to shut up and get lost, the uncle kept quiet and continued with his job.

Foreigner auntie Vs. uncle

While aboard the train to Farrer Park, one Chinese auntie started screaming at one uncle who is sitting down, not sure if she is from China or Hong Kong but her English is good, she was calling the uncle "bloody stupid idiot", I also heard her saying that she already apologized and she repeated stupid idiot again, the uncle said something back but I didn't hear him clearly and finally the auntie shouted something about all Singaporeans something something, I'm guessing she's cursing all of us, then I turned and look at her, she saw me looking at her and somehow she started to keep quiet, actually I turned to her out of surprise that someone used the word "Singaporean" in public, you don't hear that at all but when you do, it's usually us getting scolded lol.

My wife always KPO, like to see show, for me I just continue with my own stuff, she always like to stick her head out and see, I always tell her to mind our own business.

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