29 September 2014

Eng Kee Chicken Wings

Recently me and wife have been eating at the stall, we tried the fried bee hoon and noodles, they have quite a good selection of toppings like sunny side up egg, taiwan sausage, fish cake, cabbage, long beans and etc, basically the typical economical bee hoon stall kind of selection, all are quite standard fare, but the bee hoon and noodles goes very well with the cabbages.

The charm of the stall is obviously the chicken wings, one piece for $1.20, I find it very juicy and fresh, every time I eat it's always served hot and the juices will burst out when I bite into it, very shiok, my wife like it because they don't put a lot of powder, one example is Old Chang Kee's fried chicken wings, too much batter, my wife had to take off all the skin. I always see people buying 10s, 20s or even 30s, really popular.

The chilli sauce is also special, goes very well with the wings and noodles, oh and they also sell Otah, $1 per piece, also nice, my wife can eat 4 pieces alone, she loves Otah.

I think their chicken wing sales is very good, surely they are selling at least in the hundreds per day, 300 pieces a day shouldn't be difficult for them but I think the numbers could be higher because every time I go, I see people buying so many, it's ridiculous, I don't even see people buying a bucket of KFC but I see people buying 30 chicken wings and it's not once or twice, saw it a few times already.

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