25 September 2014

Just Got Home After Field Training

Damn shagged, feel like dying man, I think I'm getting older, this kind of field training is getting too much for me, if I am 10 years younger I think I can still manage but at 31 years old, wah cannot take it, everywhere pain, totally drained of energy, can't imagine I still have two more high-keys to go, I also can't understand how some people say ICT is a holiday trip, how the heck is field training considered a holiday.

Anyway lucky my commanders know that we are old soldiers, maybe that's why they allow us to go home and rest provided we can report back the next day on time, I think it's a fair deal and sleeping at home is always better than sleeping in the bunk. And I wonder when was the last time they cleaned the mattress, or do they even clean at all?

Also to summarize my taxi fares so far, yesterday I mentioned that my taxi fares from Monday to Wednesday was $93.80, this morning I spent $23.40, just now spent $20.50 so total is $137.70, still within my budget of $180.


Small Time Investor said...

Hi mtgs

Cabfare is always the highest expense during ICT .

Imagine spending 40 plus per trip from home to camp.

Still like what you say , you rather sleep at home than at camp. :)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


40+ is a lot but I'm sure it's worth it just to get home and rest, anyway it's just for that 1 or 2 weeks so I think should be ok.

chansara said...

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