10 September 2014

So Tired and So Busy!

I wonder if I am stressing out myself for nothing, I look at my colleagues and they take it easy, but I keep feeling that I have so much to do and so little time, have a deadline here and there, then out of nowhere my in-charge gives me something to do, debug some program, check some code bla bla bla, then I get stupid emails and calls from our so-called software developers from Philippines basically asking me to troubleshoot their development environment, can you believe it, they are supposed to be the technical experts, now I'm troubleshooting for them, isn't that ridiculous, it's the first time I that worked with them and these people are terrible, deadline means nothing to them, I don't feel any sense of urgency from them.

I have always been working with China developers and I must say those that I've worked with are very experienced, highly skilled and they can deliver on time. I have a China developer doing some stuff for me now but because he is so good, everyone keeps borrowing him from me, damn it, these few days I even have to do some coding myself because I'm worried that I can't deliver on time, and you know why they need to borrow, it's because those P developers screwed up, they delivered something not working and my poor China friend had to fix the bugs for them. Developers are supposed to share our burden, not give us more work, sigh, I hope my boss replace those P developers, we are not doing school projects, we don't have the time to waste on teaching them how to do their work, they are PAID to do help us, not give us problems!

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