25 October 2014

Mei Ling Food Centre: Sin Kee Chicken Rice and No Signboard Braised Duck

Since my wife is pregnant, she can't make the trip there as it is quite a walk and up the hill, from Queenstown MRT got to walk about 5 mins for my speed, for her probably 15 minutes or more, actually it's not really that far, at least for me la. Anyway today woke up at 12pm, weekend can sleep as much as I want haha, I washed up and immediately went out at about 12.15pm.

So I took a train from Commonwealth to Queenstown, just one stop, and then walked to the food centre, walking took me about 5 mins or so as I cut in through the HDB blocks at 140+ and then to 150+. When I reached the food centre, the Sin Kee chicken rice stall had only one person in queue, the rest are seated, I ordered half a chicken takeaway, paid and then told the helper I will come back later. Then I went to order the No Signboard braised duck, that one had 4 person in queue, not that bad, waited for about 10 mins+ and finally my turn, I ordered half a duck. After collecting my duck, I went back for my chicken, good strategy right haha, and to my surprise, the chicken queue grew very long, at least 10 people in queue! Lucky I went earlier if not jia lat.

I paid $13.20 for half chicken, the half chicken is $13 but $0.20 is for takeaway, they packed the chicken in one box, the veggies in another, comes with 2 packs of chilli, 1 pack of ginger/garlic, 1 pack of dark soya sauce and 2 packs of sauce for the chicken, I think it's a combination of sesame oil and light soya sauce, the packing is nice. As for the duck, I paid $16 for half a duck, comes with the braised sauce and chilli.

Then I told my wife to cook some rice so I don't have to buy, we ate half of the meats for lunch, tonight still can eat ;)

The chicken is very fragrant and tender, I think if eat with their rice will be much better. The duck is like my mother's cooking style, very motherly taste. Just imagine eating two legendary meats in one meal, shiok, can see my wife really enjoyed it.

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