06 October 2014

Planning Trip to Thailand (Updated)

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I have bought tickets, overall is about $435 for 2 pax. I bought Jetstar from Singapore to Suvarnabhumi ($249 for two) and Scoot from Don Mueang to Singapore ($186 for two), with standard seat selection and 20KG check-in baggage for my wife to and fro.

Just want to highlight something, when I bought my Scoot tickets, they offered to let me settle in SGD which is my card's currency, they offered $195.18 for 4710 THB so I did a quick check on Google and found that 4710 THB is about $184 SGD so of course I didn't accept their exchange rate and choose to settle in Thai Baht instead.

Never Accept Airline's Exchange Rate

So after I confirmed my payment in Thai Baht, I checked my credit card transaction online and found that my bank charged me about $186, about $9 cheaper than what I would pay if I choose to accept Scoot's SGD settlement instead, so always check the exchange rate before you choose, anyway I think it's better to let your bank settle foreign currency exchange instead of the airline, I'm sure airline will add in hidden charges.

Oh and nowadays I can pay Jetstar tickets via SAM machines, no booking fee required, I saved $18 just by making payment at SAM, very straightforward and easy, just search for Jetstar, there's two and I selected the bottom one, then enter my booking id, NRIC (or passport number), my name and contact number and then finally make payment via NETS, the next day it will be settled and Jetstar will send the itinerary.

Updated on 09 Oct 2014: Just to update the final amount charged to my credit card, $189.75, lower than what I would pay if I accepted Scoot's exchange rate.

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