23 November 2014

Booked My Basic Theory Test

Since I'm staying at Commonwealth, the nearest driving centre is Bukit Batok Driving Centre or more commonly known as BBDC. It's north of Bukit Gombak MRT station, just follow the MRT track up north, you will see HomeTeamNS, BBDC is just right after. Or you can also take the free shuttle bus at Bukit Gombak MRT station exit D, according to BBDC staff, they say it's open to public.

So when I reached there, I went to the information counter to get a queue number to buy the 9th edition official basic theory handbook, they also gave me another queue number to submit a registration form. The handbook cost $3.40, can pay by cash or NETS.

Then my second number was called, I submitted my registration form, the guy kept telling me that learning at their school is faster and cheaper, minimum $2000 can pass, I told him I prefer to take private and his face changed immediately haha.

After that, I went to register myself in their Room 2, I'm very puzzled, since in the end I still have to register myself, then what's the point of the second queue number? For them to try to sell me their driving course??? After registration, I went to the kiosk to top up my account, I topped up $11.35, $5.35 is for registration, $6 is for booking Basic Theory Test so total $11.35. Earliest date is 26 Jan 2015, 2 months for me to study.

Now wondering which private instructor to get.


Anonymous said...

hi MTG, i took both private and school before and still think school is much better. the lessons are structured and you learn in a more systematic way. Private instructors are all an old bunch with outdated ways of teaching and are mostly unprofessional. The private instructor I had fell asleep a couple of times when I was driving. School may be more expensive but the passing rate is much higher, I passed at one try with the school, but failed twice with private. You may like to reconsider your decision :)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hmm, my colleague also recommend school, he said pretty much what you said, I think I should reconsider, anyway I'll just try to pass the basic theory first lol, not sure if I can pass!