14 November 2014

Wife Hospital Bill Damn Expensive

Today still at hospital, don't know when can discharge, just now went to get the interim bill from the Patient Service Centre, so far accumulated $4.9k+ before subsidy, she is PR and stay ward C have a lot of subsidies, government subsidize about $2.5k+, can deduct from my CPF $2250 (cap at $450 per day, 5x450), cash need to pay about $143, for 4 days normal ward and 1 day ICU ward stay, don't know why they count ICU only 1 day, my wife stayed for 2 days, maybe they got some timing. So yes, you can ask for the interim bill anytime, don't have to wait until discharge then get a shock, ask early so you make decision early.

Ward total charges is $1500 before subsidy, the rest are the lab tests, treatment fees, doctor fee, echo, ICU monitoring charges, yes, you stay ICU they will charge for ward and treatment and the monitoring charges, my wife is one day $372 for the monitoring, what the fish man.

And pay the doctor ward consultation fee really feel unhappy, one day $40, ask them when can discharge they can't tell me, say they not doctor in charge. Then just now I went to find the nurse on duty and demand to see the doctor in charge, she know I'm going to complain already so she show me my wife's condition, her INR reading is 1.5, still not enough, need at least 2, and she's now on Heparin-Warfarin transition or something like that and they cannot take her off the Heparin infusion pump yet. And doctor need to review her echo done today to see if there's improvement. Ok, even the nurse can tell me this, how come the doctor cannot? Total rubbish right. Don't know why doctor mostly so screw up, really cannot make it.

Anyway today I went to apply Medishield for her, can apply online via CPF website, this is a good lesson, if stay hospital don't have shield plan really jia lat, lucky this time not big problem, cash only need to prepare a 100-300 at most, if kena prolonged stay or operation no shield really can die, Medisave also not enough, instantly wipe out also not enough. Singapore healthcare really super expensive.

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