02 December 2014

40+ Not Married Must Be Something Wrong

I have a colleague from China who is in his late 40s and not married, he is not like your usual middle-aged man, this guy is super negative and everything is not good to him. Eat local food say not good, but if we go to a hawker centre with all the Chinese food and I commented that there was hardly any local food he straight away say cook myself if I don't like it, bloody hell, might as well we dine separately, I also didn't want to dine with him anyway.

Then buy toto he kept pestering everyone to see if anyone won, this kind of thing is private right, you don't go around asking everyone about it, so annoying, even when I'm so busy he can come up to me and ask me whether I won, if I won I won't be there seeing his face right.

Or when me and another colleague is talking he likes to interrupt and stop people from talking, really feel like slapping his face, he just wants to get his words across, which nobody gives a shit anyway. Little wonder that he is still not married, I'm sure no woman can stand his attitude, even a guy like me also beh tahan.

And not as if I didn't try to socialize with him, this guy ah, you say anything he will talk back with something negative, there is no way to talk to him like a normal person. Another example is I told him where can buy cheaper things, or which food is cheap and good, he told me cheap must be something wrong, what the hell right.

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