09 December 2014

See This Uncle All The Time

My earlier post.

I keep seeing this same uncle, nowadays he hang around at my workplace or the MRT station, every time I see him he just squat or stand down there staring at people or looking at me, expecting me to spare him something, bloody hell I won't even give him 10 cent, so free can stay there and do nothing, why not go get a job, not as if he is handicapped, maybe he is sick but how come he can still smoke, just now saw him smoking.

Not that I lack compassion but I am the type of person who strongly believes in working for what I want, there is no free lunch and money won't drop from the sky, if I want something I will work hard for it and that is what I am going to teach my children so when people come up to me and ask for free things, maybe I will give once or twice, ask again and I will ignore, cannot let them think that it's so easy getting things without working for it.

Nowadays youngsters also the same, parents over-pampered them, giving them whatever they want, it's not good cultivating this kind of give mentality, not that we shouldn't help people in need but we should make sure they can self-sustain instead of just spending money and expect them to be able to learn how to self-sustain, impossible, if they can self-sustain they wouldn't be so down in the first place, there's a reason why people are at wherever they are, nobody fail because they were born to fail, they fail because they didn't do what it takes to get out of the shit hole.

Looking back, if I didn't choose to upgrade myself, I will probably still be stuck at a warehouse job, life is about making the right choices, like it or not you have to do it, just do it or else you will forever be stuck.

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