16 December 2014

What a Shitty Day!

Yesterday night the neighbour above was making noises off and on, the baby is running around at almost 2am! Don't they have to work or something, how come they can sleep so late, baby running at wee hours of the day, what the hell man! And off and on they will knock the floor, or drop something, switch off/on something, think it's the lights, or turn on water, and watch TV not super loud but in the silent night it's very obvious, and then talking on and off, really cannot take it, ended up I slept at 4am.

So of course today went to office feeling so stoned, then early morning kena 2 difficult cases, wah piang, what the fuck man! Settled one case and the other solved one problem another problem appear, wah really headache, just now work until 6.30pm also cannot solve, tomorrow still have to go back to settle, sigh, wonder is it because I'm feeling so tired so cannot think properly hence took so stupidly long to think of solution. Shit, still got stuff from last week haven't touch, supposed to finish today but thanks to the 2 stupid ad-hoc problems.

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