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Had a Really Good Sleep Yesterday Night

Yesterday my neighbours didn't turn on their plane engines (aircon), so peaceful, I slept all the way to 10am uninterrupted, this morning I felt really fresh. Old HDB flat design not good, sound travels easily because some of the walls are hollow, another problem is the aircon compressor is installed outside the master bedroom, which means if the neighbour on top or left/right to your room is noisy, that's it, you are screwed, but then nowadays we got used to it, most of the time we can still sleep, sometimes when it gets too loud then really jia lat but how, complain also complain already, unless they are willing to change their aircon, I think they should seriously consider changing because if I'm downstairs and it's so loud for me, I bet it's even worse for them, I wonder how they can sleep through that noise.

New flat design is much better, they have aircon ledge located away from the bedrooms, but not all new design is like that, have to look at the floorplan …

Phew, Good News Today

We saw the paediatric cardiologist at clinic A, she did a scan which lasts more than an hour and she said she didn't see anything wrong so far but she wants to confirm with a follow-up scan two weeks later because currently wife is 20 weeks pregnant and the baby is small and difficult to get a good scan at the heart, but so far so good, the main valves looks normal, nothing unusual and she just wants to confirm again that the heart is okay on the next visit. The doctor mentioned that the baby is feisty, from the scan I can see baby is very active, always moving around lol.

What a relief, I thought I was going to get bad news today, lucky everything seems fine, my mother-in-law even went to pray for the baby, maybe that worked.

Wife is complaining how come need to go to so many clinic and do so many scans, looking back we initially went to the O&G, then they referred us to the women's clinic, then women's clinic referred us to child clinic which is the clinic A that we …

Passed My Basic Theory Test

Today I took half day leave to take the test at Bukit Batok Driving Centre. I thought I will fail because I only spent 2 hours running through the basic theory handbook without any revision.

They gave me 50 questions, 1 minute for each question so total they gave me 50 minutes to finish. In order to pass, need to get at least 45 questions correct which meant that I could only afford to answer 5 questions incorrectly.

I have no idea how many correct answers I gave but at the end of the 50 questions, I saw a pass on the screen. It was fast, I only took 10 minutes to finish, so easy lol. By the way all are multiple choice questions, they give 3 answers to choose from, most of the questions are common sense kind of stuff like you see a sign with a child of course is stop and let the child pass.

Anyway the test was conducted in a room full of hopeful drivers, have ang moh, have foreign workers, have locals, and no need to use mouse and keyboard, it's touch screen so just touch the answ…

Woke Up Early Today!

Now is 10.20am, I go make some coffee, brush my teeth and then go for a run! Saturday is a good day to really de-stress, today weather also seems good, not sunny, cooling. Enjoy your weekend!

So Irritated Today

Went back to work and so many things to follow-up, what great colleagues, any problem just wait for me to come back and solve, really wtf. Sometimes I think why not pay me their salary since I got to do everything, sigh.

Or maybe I'm tired of bad news, baby not doing well, next week got to go back for review and I wonder what kind of bad news will they bring me again. I think next week going to spend a big deal of money again, got to do echo for baby, even for adults it cost $300+ for PR, almost $500 for foreigner, for baby I don't know how much but it's not going to be cheap.

See how it goes.

Money Gone So Fast!

After paying slightly over $1k today for my wife's pregnancy expenses, I'm left with $482.39, wah seh, here the healthcare really not cheap, especially if have complication then even worse.

Still have to pay for my wife's insurance back in Thailand, her mom bought it for her and my wife wants me to pay lol, anyway not big amount, about 10,000 baht which is slightly over $400, lucky one year only need to pay once.

And still have to prepare money to bring her mom over, maybe I will need to sell off some stocks, sell my CDL Hospitality Trust, making profit now, can sell off if need be but I really don't want to sell, it's a good stock, can keep for dividends.

Went to NUH Kent Ridge Wing Fetal Care Centre

Today went to do the specialized scan again, everything is normal except for the heart, baby is suffering from Atrioventricular Septal Defect aka AVSD, and this time a professor reviewed the results, he say the Amniocentesis Test is too risky for my wife as she is on Warfarin and the needle will need to pass through the placenta which means there is a risk of bleeding, so he offered an alternative which is to do DNA testing. Of course I choose the DNA testing because it's safer for my wife.

I think we better make sure, if have then we'll do the practical (and sensible) thing which is to terminate, it's good for everyone, if don't have then we'll keep pushing on. I hope don't have, my family don't have, her family also don't have, I think very likely our baby won't have, but hard to say, better make sure. See I'm thinking so much, lucky we went for the test, after that no need to think so much.

Looking at cost, the amnio test cost $600+, the DNA …

Went for Gynae Appointment Just Now

We went very early this morning for the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, today my wife never vomit so we managed to finish it, have to take blood once, drink a bottle of sweet water, wait for 2 hours and then take blood again.

We also went for a scan, the scan damn expensive, $175, anyway that's not a big issue compared to a hole in the baby's heart. Yep, the scan detected a hole in the central area of the heart, everything else seems normal, so we are scheduled to go back in a week's time to do the amnio fluid test to confirm if the baby has down syndrome. The gynae say of all heart defects, a hole in the heart is the least to worry about, that gave us some relief, we were worried sick, until no words can come out, we were stunned when we heard about the hole.

Anyway after we reached home, I did some research, seems like a hole in the heart might not be a big problem, some adults actually live with it, only thing is they get tired more easily, the fortunate ones their hole cl…

So Busy at Work!

Been so busy that I have no time to surf net at work, finish one task another begin, got to fix bug, got follow-up with user, got to run to user site, it's not even part of our contract to provide onsite support but no choice, can't just tell them to solve it themselves, but there are people who told the users to solve it themselves! I think work until fed up already, then the users complain to me lol.

IT line really not easy, I think it can get very stressful when everybody is chasing you, I can understand that because I have been through worse, imagine your phone ring non-stop, have to talk on the phone and solve problem, then have to rush to user site, I must say I am impressed with myself for surviving such situations, I think most people would lose their temper or simply switch off.

Then there are cases where users look for me to solve problems that is not in my purview, for example I'm doing software but they look for me to solve their printer problems, I can't h…

Saw the Past Me Today

Just now I went to a school to help install a plugin for our application software, I met this lad who is working as the school IT support, the users said he looked like me, like my younger brother lol, well he does look like me when I was 20+, skinny, shy, curious, nerdy lol. I also used to work at the school, the job role is TA i.e. Technical Assistant, damn siong job, pay is low consider the kind of work we have to do, that time I was paid $1350, run around the school like a madman everyday.

Anyway this lad is 20 years old, holds a diploma and he is from Malaysia, so young can travel here to work, very impressive, he was asking me a lot of stuff, how to handle some technical issues, some career questions. He was asking me if he should focus on getting a Masters degree first, of course I told him having experience is more important, paper is one thing to open the way but if you don't have experience, how long can you last? Furthermore by the time he get Masters, he will probably …

Got The U-Save Rebate Again

This time got $195 so this month no need to pay, next month also no need to pay, maybe the 3rd month also no need to pay.
I noticed the utilities bill very different each time, sometime $50+, sometimes $90+, sometimes $80+, how come can go up so high then come down so low, I wonder if they charge correctly or not.

Crazy Weather Again!

This morning was really sunny, the hot sun was making me perspire so much, then come lunchtime it suddenly started drizzling even with the sun shining so brightly. Then later in the afternoon, the wind was blowing so strongly, and it started raining dogs and cats and the rain dragged on until about 7pm+. I hope tomorrow will be cloudy, please don't rain when I'm at work, rain at night is okay.

This Yong Tau Foo Stall Really

Just now went to eat at Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre, the Yong Tau Foo stall so busy, I picked my goodies and stand there with my bowl for 5 minutes and the helper totally ignored me, another girl picked her food and handed in her bowl and the helper took it, I'm so big size and she cannot see me, see me no happy or what. In the end I fed up I put back the food and go buy the wanton noodle instead.

This will be the last time I will ever buy there, the first time I went also same, stand there and she ignored me, maybe she don't like my face lol. Actually the Yong Tau Foo also nothing special, wonder why so long queue.

New Year New Hope!

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to my baby this year, due date is 15 Jun, I hope everything goes smoothly. I also hope that this year can get a good increment and bonus, and also can excel at work, maybe get a promotion.