09 January 2015

Saw the Past Me Today

Just now I went to a school to help install a plugin for our application software, I met this lad who is working as the school IT support, the users said he looked like me, like my younger brother lol, well he does look like me when I was 20+, skinny, shy, curious, nerdy lol. I also used to work at the school, the job role is TA i.e. Technical Assistant, damn siong job, pay is low consider the kind of work we have to do, that time I was paid $1350, run around the school like a madman everyday.

Anyway this lad is 20 years old, holds a diploma and he is from Malaysia, so young can travel here to work, very impressive, he was asking me a lot of stuff, how to handle some technical issues, some career questions. He was asking me if he should focus on getting a Masters degree first, of course I told him having experience is more important, paper is one thing to open the way but if you don't have experience, how long can you last? Furthermore by the time he get Masters, he will probably be nearing 30, at that age without experience, how to survive in fast-paced Singapore, or even anywhere else.

Looking back, when I was 20 I was still serving NS, I started working full-time after NS at 21 years old, started by my first IT job at 22 years old, that time really not easy, so many doubts, nobody to ask, how I wish I had someone to guide me that time, but good thing is along the way of bumping into obstacles, I learned a lot of things by trying to solve the problems myself, and today, people look to me for advise, what a long way I have walked, and there's still so many things to learn. And just now I solved myself a big problem, lucky I managed to fix the bug or else this weekend really moody so today I'm very happy ;)


mr lee said...

Actually it also depends on what his masters is. True story - a malaysian friend of mine was working as an electrical engineer for a japanese mnc in singapore. He was earning about 4k a month, he saved for 2 to 3 years and did a masters in applied finance in macquarie university. Whilst there he met his wife who coincidentally is also thai and doing her masters. Long story short, his masters allowed him to switch fields, went into financial risk analysis (he always liked math and numbers), and within 2years of graduating was already earning 10k a mth in barclays singapore. He has since taken a posting in westpac sydney and migrated there. Is his case necessarily typical? Maybe, maybe not but it is definitely not impossible and something i know that is very real. Hindsight is 20/20 but he was so glad that 8years ago he decided to make the decision, gained more education and switched fields entirely. As one of his friends who encouraged him to do so, I'm glad he did and is so successful now.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Wow, he is a very fortunate person, I believe Thai women can bring good luck to husband because ever since I met my wife, my life has changed for the better ;)