14 January 2015

Went for Gynae Appointment Just Now

We went very early this morning for the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, today my wife never vomit so we managed to finish it, have to take blood once, drink a bottle of sweet water, wait for 2 hours and then take blood again.

We also went for a scan, the scan damn expensive, $175, anyway that's not a big issue compared to a hole in the baby's heart. Yep, the scan detected a hole in the central area of the heart, everything else seems normal, so we are scheduled to go back in a week's time to do the amnio fluid test to confirm if the baby has down syndrome. The gynae say of all heart defects, a hole in the heart is the least to worry about, that gave us some relief, we were worried sick, until no words can come out, we were stunned when we heard about the hole.

Anyway after we reached home, I did some research, seems like a hole in the heart might not be a big problem, some adults actually live with it, only thing is they get tired more easily, the fortunate ones their hole closed spontaneously within their first year of life, some require surgery after birth to close but it depends on the severity i.e. how big the hole is. I hope it's a small hole but it's quite early to tell, the gynae say the baby has not completely developed so the hole might close by itself, now is about 18 weeks.

Oh and it's a girl, at least girl still safer, reason is because girl eventually will get married and have someone to take care, but if boy I think life might be difficult, but well, who knows. Girl or boy don't matter to me, I am just worried about what her future holds, if she can be healthy, then I don't need to worry so much, I can't be around forever to take care of her, someday I will leave first and she will need to be able to take care of herself or have someone to take care of her.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i hope everything goes well for your baby child! I will help pray for his/her good health.

Just one question regarding applying for LTVP: do you know if it is an advantage if the spouse has visited Singapore before? (for tourism purposes)


marrythaigirlsingapore said...



I don't think it matter much, mainly they will be looking at the sponsor's ability to provide for the spouse i.e. income and job.

mr lee said...

Hi there, i hope everything goes well with your baby. I found a link you might find useful


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Mr. Lee,

Thanks, we also hope everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Congrates, and in the meantime be strong and dont worry too much. You have been very helpful to fellow Singaporeans hence God will look after your daughter.. =)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks! I sure hope everything will be fine.