24 January 2015

Woke Up Early Today!

Now is 10.20am, I go make some coffee, brush my teeth and then go for a run! Saturday is a good day to really de-stress, today weather also seems good, not sunny, cooling. Enjoy your weekend!


Alamak said...

Congrates bro!! you can consider which car to buy soon! On the other hand, i've a question for you. I am trying to apply PR for my wife. We understood that the relevant docs have to be submitted personally and you must first make an appointment with ICA. However in the e-appt, i could not find any available slots, not even for the next 12-15 months! Did you encounter this previously? =(

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Haha buy car maybe when my salary higher, so expensive here!

Wow, last I heard was 7-8 months wait, now 1 year+, ridiculous man, I think too many people trying to apply. That time I think it was 1-2 months wait for my wife, but you can keep checking back daily because sometimes people may cancel their slot. Best of luck!