11 February 2015

Alamak Bad News Again

Yesterday we went to see my wife's cardiologist, everything is fine with my wife, she's feeling good and when doctor asked how many flights of stairs she can climb, I said 4-5, doctor commented that she's doing good. So nothing much yesterday, just see doctor and take medication and to visit again in April. I think this cardiologist is the best doctor ever, very friendly, humble and knowledgeable, my wife really like him haha.

And today we went to get a scan at Kent Ridge FCC, we arrived at about 9.55am, registered and waited until about 10.30am, I told the counter staff that we have a 10.45am appointment at the gynae clinic and she said there's one patient before us, so we waited until about 11.05am, I got fed up and told the counter staff to cancel the registration, then she asked me to wait, I said I will wait for 5 more minutes, if still have to wait then we will leave, in the end we left but she called me to try to get us to go back and I insisted not to, only when we left then they bother to hasten, bloody hell made us wait for more than an hour for a scan, anyway it's not a super important scan so it doesn't really matter to us.

So we went to the gynae clinic, this is what we came for, the Harmony test result, it came back good, so they checked for the following:

  • Trisomy 21 i.e. Down Syndrome - Low Risk 0.01%.
  • Trisomy 18 i.e. Edwards Syndrome - Low Risk 0.01%.
  • Trisomy 13 i.e. Patau Syndrome - Low Risk 0.01%.
  • Fetal sex i.e. tells parents the gender of the baby - Female.
  • X, Y Analysis, no idea what this is, but result is XX which seems normal for a female baby.
Doctor arranged for a detail scan for baby in March, I told her about what happened this morning and she arranged a scan at her clinic instead. I don't understand why it can take so long for a scan at the other clinic, we only waited less than 20 minutes to see the gynae and yet we have to wait 1hour+ for a scan there, ridiculous, nobody is going to peacefully sit down there and wait such a long time. At the gynae clinic I heard a patient yelling loudly that she waited 1 hour, I'm already a very patient person but of course I don't yell at the staff, I know there's nothing much they can do about it so no point getting angry at them, if cannot wait then leave lor lol, just like what I did.

After gynae clinic, we went to the pediatric cardiologist, sigh, today she found that there is a hole at the top center of the heart, she also suspect that there might be a hole at the bottom center, but it's likely a very small hole but she cannot confirm as baby kept moving and she did not manage to get a good scan. The doctor said that good thing is nothing that she found is unfixable so that is at least some good news but one thing for sure is surgical intervention is required to fix the holes and she's worried that the baby might have down syndrome, I then showed her the Harmony test result, she said she will speak to my gynae, I also told her the accuracy is 99%, she said down kids usually have hole in heart. And she will arrange for us to speak to a surgeon, depending on the severity, the operation might be done 2-3 months after birth or later.

Got to save more money, sigh.


David Yeo said...

I've been following your post for quite some time as I have plans to marry my foreign (vietnamese) girlfriend as well.

Hope to hear (or read) some good news regarding your wife's pregnancy!

didi said...


mr lee said...

I would trust the harmony results vs the shaky hand of a doctor who couldnt even see a clear picture on the ultrasound. Bear in mind that although trisomy 21 is highly associated with congenital heart disease (~40-50%) it does not mean the reverse. And since your harmony test has already shown that trisomy 21 is rare then you may be just dealing with chd here. And that itself is a big if at this point.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi David,

Congratulations! I will post updates when I can, hope everything will turn out well.

Hi didi,

Haha, thanks, I hope god will not make my baby's life too difficult.

Hi Mr. Lee,

I also believe the Harmony results since it's such a well-known test with extremely high accuracy and hope that we are only dealing with the heart issue. The doc said nothing is unfixable so far, so we are definitely going all the way. Will post more updates when we speak to the surgeon.