01 February 2015

Just Ate McDonald's Big Breakfast

I think it's been a few years since I ate big breakfast, or rather Mcdonald's food, my wife don't like fast food chains so we rarely eat any but I love fast food, western food, burgers, chicken chop, pork chop and etc, I love these but wife don't like haha. She prefer home-cooked food because she thinks that fast food makes people fat, personally I think any food can make people fat if we don't exercise or eat too much.

Anyway I went to the Queensway branch just across the road, about 5 mins walk, my wife kept saying it's far but it's not really that far, I didn't even break a sweat. When I reached there it's quite packed, usually when I pass by it's like a ghost town, the location is too isolated, unless you have a car or live nearby I don't think you will want to go there.

Even though there was a queue, once they open up another counter, they cleared the queue real fast, I waited less than 5 minutes and my takeaway was ready. I paid $14.10 for two big breakfast, both drinks changed to regular iced milo.

Once I reached home, I woke my wife up to eat, so good life, I go buy for her to eat lol, she only ate a little, said the bread was dry and tough, I find it ok, hash brown smells great but have a weird aftertaste, the chicken/turkey patty is good, not dry, quite juicy, but I still like the supermarket hash brown, the one where it has the same shape like Mc's. Iced milo is just iced milo, nothing special. Oh, the scrambled egg is nice, so creamy, wonder how they make it like that, goes really well with their small packets of black pepper.

All in all a decent breakfast on a good Sunday morning ;)


mr lee said...

My favorite mickey d's brekky item is the mcgriddles, i hope they'll bring it to sgp soon :)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Oh mcgriddles, I think I saw it in Bangkok but I didn't try it, now then I realize SG don't have haha.

Anonymous said...

Superior mind over inferior mind. Sad to know that a rural lass in a 3rd world land can lord over a sinkie.