17 March 2015

The Neighbour Above Really a Family of Inconsiderate Assholes

Bloody hell, which kid still run around and laugh loudly at 3am? Which family still talk loudly and laugh at 3am? Really fed up man, these people no need to school, no need to work? 3am is their normal hours? Are they vampires??? And their aircon really super noisy, like the plane engine, how did they even put up with it, or maybe they are deaf? By the way I bought 2 sets of earplugs, one for me and one for my wife, cannot fully block out the noise but at least better than nothing.

You can say I'm evil but to be honest, I really hope their aircon explode and burn down their house. And I'm very curious, how come daytime they are at home, nighttime also at home, no need to work at all??? And the kid, so late still haven't sleep, don't say school holiday, even normal school days also can run around at 2-3am, really a family of weirdos.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To them u are the weirdo.