29 April 2015

Activate POSB Card Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use

So this Friday I will be flying to Bangkok for a quick trip to bring my mother-in-law and wife's cousin to Singapore. Today I kept reminding myself to activate my card in case I need to withdraw money, actually I can use my credit card but just to be safe, I always like to play safe so no harm leaving all options open.

I went to DBS iBanking and found the function, can even set it such that the stripe will be active for a period.

Just go to Cards > Activate Card's Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use > Select your card > Click Allow. Then you can choose whether you want it to be active forever or just for a period, better set it to the latter because it is safer. So I set 01 May to 02 May, just one day is enough.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, the recent aviation disaster is still fresh in my memory, damn scary to take a plane now lol.

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