08 April 2015

Yesterday Starhub Wireless Router Faulty

Yesterday the router suddenly kept disconnecting, I called Starhub support and they told me to plug directly to the ONT and it works fine, but if change back to router, problem comes again. So they told me to call Dlink suppport as they do not provide support for the router, I thought it's all under them but the router is not.

So I called 66229360 for the Dlink support, the guy guided me to do a hard reset i.e. press and hold the button on the back for 10 seconds and release and it will reset to factory settings. After doing that, he told me to monitor for 2-3 hours. I kept trying and it still keeps getting disconnected, same thing, if plug direct to the ONT it works fine. So I called back again, this time a girl told me to bring the device to their service center, they will send me an email for the instructions.

In the end there was 2 service centers, one is at Jurong, the other at Sim Lim Square. So I called up the Sim Lim Square center since it's nearer to my workplace and I can go during lunch. The staff told me to bring the router with power adapter and the case id from Dlink. When I reached there, they took the router and gave me another one, not sure if it's brand new but whatever, most important is it can work. They don't need the adapter so I took it back, anyway they didn't give me a new adapter, so just to clarify, only need the router and case id for the replacement, no need receipt or adapter.

And it works, no more disconnects!

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