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Baby Jaundice at 258!

Today went to Queenstown Polyclinic to check her jaundice again, suddenly it rise so high, the nurse took blood sample from baby's sole, I think very painful because baby was crying, but she stopped once we stepped out of the lab, good girl. The doctor gave me a referral letter to NUH A&E and told me to bring baby there tomorrow, I think have to admit her because I read that NUH do not offer home phototherapy, think maybe have to be warded for 1-2 days.

After that we went to West Mall, very nice mall, not so crowded and good variety of shopping options, we ate at Sakae Sushi, 4 adults total around $108 including service charge and gst, lol I thought will cost at least $200 because me and wife usually spend around $80-$90, somehow 4 person it becomes cheaper, weird, maybe because we didn't sit down too long, wife had to feed baby once and coax her to sleep so we didn't really ate that much.

Baby Jaundice is now 229

Today wife, MIL and wife's cousin brought baby back to polyclinic for the check again, this time dropped to 229, tomorrow will need to check again, hopefully will continue to drop which means baby is more capable of getting rid of the bilirubin in her body.

Just now also went to OG at Chinatown to buy a baby stroller, damn strollers are expensive, the very basic type cost $60-$80+, more functionality more expensive, I bought one which can let baby sleep or sit, can switch handle bar to front, easy folding, lightweight, have a bottom slot to put stuff, it costed me $299, can carry baby up to 15KG, the saleswoman say can use to around 3 years old. There are also more expensive types which can cost $400-$500+, but those are very heavy, some seems to have less function, don't know why they are so expensive, maybe it's the material.

Anyway now have baby lifestyle changed quite a lot, sleep earlier, wake up earlier, wake up in middle of the night, go out have to think of how to …

Baby Went for Jaundice Check at Polyclinic

Wife, MIL and wife's cousin brought baby to Queenstown Polyclinic to do the test, the result was 243, the doctor said to review tomorrow because it is high, hopefully tomorrow will drop. MIL also brought baby for some sunlight, I also instructed wife to feed more, I think probably the cause is baby was born earlier at 36 weeks + 2 days.

Anyway baby seems very happy in the house, sometimes smiling and hardly crying, she cry only when hungry, previously she cry when changing diapers but now she doesn't. Her eyes also started to open more frequently, so cute ;)
Today my colleagues also gave me a big ang pao, feels quite thick, I gave it to my wife, not sure how much is inside because I never open to see.
Yesterday also went to buy 4 more baby clothes, the short sleeve type, 4 for $11 at CK, find that it is very useful, no need shorts because wear diapers and put on a few blankets, the mitts also useful, cap is ok, but just wrap is good enough, can wrap the head so cap is not so n…

Wife and Baby Discharged Yesterday

Supposed to discharge on 25th May but team doctor say wife INR 1.9 so have to stay back, don't know why INR suddenly dropped from 2.3 to 1.9, I think because of the food my mother brought, the broccoli, cauliflower and sesame oil, all contain vitamin K.
Then yesterday they checked and it was 1.92, they wanted to keep her but I insisted that she be discharged, I said if 2pm they don't discharge I will bring her and baby and leave the hospital, so they hurried and get ready her medications and discharge documents. After that the team doctor came and told me they wanted to do an echo for her before she go, he said have to wait until 4pm I said no, then he came back again and said they can scan now so I relented, shouldn't have agree, in the the scan finished at around 4.30pm, by then the nurse said have to wait for doctor review, I fed up take bags and ask wife to carry baby and we walk out lol.
At the counter I asked the nurse if there is anything for me to sign if not I wil…

Lucky Can Get Extension

This morning I brought MIL and wife's cousin to ICA at around 8am+, also long queue at level 4 but lucky clear quite fast, I went to the same counter staff and told her this time I brought everything and she said MIL can but wife's cousin subject to approval, then she gave me a queue ticket. By the way I used back the same forms she gave me, filled it up so no need to fill again, just need to fill in the date, all signed.

So we went inside and waited for queue number, also quite fast, they have several counters so no need to wait so long. Finally our turn, I told the officer I wanted to extend MIL and wife's cousin visit pass, I introduced and said the cousin is MIL's sister's son lol, she said huh and told me MIL can but the cousin cannot, then I started to worry, she then asked whether they travel together and I said yes, she looked at the cousin, he is 15 years old, then she frowned and seemed to be thinking, and then I explained that my wife gave birth last wee…

Wife INR is 2.3

After the c-section on 20 May, they put her back on Warfarin, wife said they gave her 4mg per day, yesterday I saw that they gave a blue tablet, which means 3mg, and today I checked with the nurse in-charge, she told me wife's INR is at 2.3, very good, I think very high chances that she can be discharged tomorrow, but I think they will probably drag until around 3pm+, so in the morning I can bring MIL and wife's cousin to ICA to do the extension.
Hopefully tomorrow can get the extension, if MIL have to go back, wife say ok but I have to help, I think going to be very difficult, best is still have MIL to help out, if hire confinement nanny it will be very expensive, also don't think my wife want my mother to help.
Anyway today baby kena jaundice, I think didn't feed enough, so the nurse put baby under the light, told wife to feed and pump so baby have enough to eat.

Super Long Queue at ICA

So yesterday MIL and wife's cousin social visit pass online extension got rejected, this morning I woke up at 6.30am and brought them to ICA. We reached there at about 7.30am, the security guard told everyone to queue up by the side entrance, they don't want people to crowd at the main entrance, end up the queue is ridiculously long, SG, PR, foreigners all one queue, can imagine how long, can fight with Hello Kitty queue, so instead of queuing, I brought them for breakfast at golden mile food centre, ate the Bak Chor Mee not bad.

After breakfast, at about 8.30am, we went back and the queue disappeared as expected, we went to the ticket counter at level 4, queue also long but at least clear quite fast, finally our turn and the counter staff told me to prove my relationship with my wife, I didn't bring my ROM cert so cannot prove, she also asked about the cousin, that one I really stunned, then she handed me two form 14 and said, "subjected to approval lor", NB, me…

Wife Still in ICU

Alamak, actually she is doing really well, now can eat normal food except food has to be soft like porridge, she also can sit on chair, think also can walk but they didn't let her try, these nurses really bo chup, they just wait for time to pass and handover to next shift, next shift also do the same, aiyoh these people really cannot make it, just now a nurse changed my wife's heparin and forgot to unlock the tubing and the liquid cannot flow in, the alarm went off so many times and the nurse also bo chup, finally I walked to the nurse and alerted her then she come, wah piang, ICU this kind of standard, I think patient die already they still don't know.

Negative shit aside, just now I finally got to hold baby in arms, wah skin so soft, so cute, eyes closed, I didn't know how to pick up the baby, the nurse showed me, I think I can carry baby all day, then nurse want me to put back I don't know how to put back lol, want to stay with baby more also cannot, now mother …

This Guy Really Anti-Foreigner to the Max LOL

I really don't understand how some people can hate foreigners so much, even spouse of Singaporeans also hate lol. Well, life goes on, I can't stop them from being bitter all the time right ;)

By the way the forum is sgtalk, it's getting worse, too many negative people there, most discussions end up in mudslinging and moderator doesn't seem to bother, maybe they gave up lol, if me I also give up, I visit lesser nowadays. That's why forum is never a good place for discussion, at least not our local forums, if you see ang moh forums, it's much more serious, they can discuss topics maturely and you can mostly get your queries answered.

Got Baby's SG50 Birth Certificate and Good News

Today the nurse at my wife's ward passed me the Notification of Live Birth, I didn't register at NUH, went down to ICA instead because I thought since I also need to extend MIL and wife's cousin social visit pass might as well go do together. By the way NUH charge $40 for the birth registration, ICA charge $18. No need to wait too long because not many people register birth today. Just for info, birth registration is at level 3. The birth certificate looks awesome with a message from our PM.

Oh I also got the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift box at ICA, they will ask you whether you want or not after the birth registration, at first I thought 5KG nothing la, when the girl brought out the box, wah so bulky, really regret taking it, might as well register online and they it send to me for free. But if you have car then ok. Everything seems useful except the medal, probably just keep the medal in my cupboard forever, I think a milk bottle will be much more useful. The baby clothes are …

Forgot to Get the Notification of Live Birth

After I went home and checked how to register birth, found that need a Notification of Live Birth from the hospital, for us also need our identity cards i.e. my Singapore NRIC and wife's PR blue card, also need our Marriage Certificate, all must be original, also have to think of name first which I already have. More details here.

So tomorrow have to go back to the neonatal ward, anyway I also have to go there first and pass my wife her phone, pack some stuff for wife, give her then go to neonatal ward and get the document and go to ICA to register, also might as well bring mother-in-law and cousin to golden mile complex since it is nearby.

So remember friends, after your wife deliver, ask for the Notification of Live Birth.

Wife C-Section Success!

This morning I woke up at around 6.45am, took taxi together with mother-in-law and wife's cousin to wife's ward. The c-section was scheduled at 10am, a nurse came at around 8+ and prepared my wife, showered and dressed her in the operating theatre clothes, we waited until about 10am before they started to move my wife to the OT. Oh by the way they told my wife to fast from 1am onwards, no food and water.
So we arrived at the OT, waited outside at the visitor's lounge, wife went in and the nurse told me they will call me when I can view the procedure. She also gave me a paper with my wife's patient code so I can track her progress from the screen inside the lounge.
I forgot how long we waited and finally someone from inside the OT called me and told me to go inside, she told me to change into the OT clothes and she will call me when it's my wife's turn, she also said they will try epidural, I got a shock because yesterday the anesthetist told me it would be gene…

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

The c-section is at 10am, they will bring her to the surgery ward at around 9am so I'll be waking up at 6.30am and bring her mother and cousin over.

Just now the anesthetist came and spoke to my wife, once I arrived I went to speak with her again. She said my wife is not suitable for epidural because she is on Heparin and she is at risk of bleeding, so she told me my wife would be on general anesthesia instead, which is a full body anesthesia, the completely knock out type, which I think is good, save the pain, if I were to choose I would choose general anesthesia too.

The anesthetist also said after the c-section, my wife would be placed in ICU for monitoring, hopefully all goes well and then her and baby can discharge by this weekend.

Wife's Urine is Now Yellow

Now I am pretty sure the reason why blood was in her urine was because of the IV Heparin, now that they reduced the dosage from 17+ to 15+, her urine started to become normal yellowish colour, they also did a kidney xray for her, don't think they detected anything, I was quite worried about the xray but actually nothing much to worry about if the person doing the scan knows she is pregnant, they will be more careful such that they don't scan the foetus.

But now I have another thing to worry about, recently wife started to develop a cough, today was quite serious when I visited, must be she shared utensils with her cousin, I think pregnant women should never share anything with anyone, it's just 2 days to her c-section and she has a serious cough, I hope it doesn't develop into something more serious, sigh, one thing over another thing come, never-ending worries.

Hope everything goes well, just 2 more days, please let us get through this safely.

Negative Comments Early in the Morning

Look at this:

The first comment came at 6.01am, you can't see the time from the screenshot but I can see from my email because whenever someone posted a comment on my blog, I will receive an email notification.

I am guessing it is from the same person, he/she posted 11 comments over a time frame of about 1 hour, at 6am+ in the morning, this person must be really free, nothing better to do, but I appreciate the hits he/she has given to my site so I still have to thank this person.

4 More Days to C-Section

Visited wife today and seems like she is doing fine, there is still blood in her urine but we have come to believe that it is not going to be a big problem, there is blood because she is on Heparin, she doesn't have any history of blood in urine so shouldn't be a big issue unless she really lose a lot of blood which obviously isn't the case.
Nurse also did a scan for baby everyday and baby is doing fine too, just now I was there when the nurse did the scan, she was using a mobile scanner to listen to baby's heartbeat, it was very clear and had good rhythm, not sure if that is the way to know if heartbeat is good but if it is beating uninterrupted I guess it is good, anyway nurse also say good.
While I was there, I also dropped by the patient services centre to grab a copy of the bill, so far the bill for 11 days of stay is:
C class room charge: $2200 C class daily treatment fee: $1133 Lab investigations: $953.70 Specialised investigation: $130 Treatment services: $782 …

Wife Got Injection and Drip

My wife told me a nurse gave her an injection on her thigh this morning and told her it is for her baby, she is supposed to get another injection 11 hours later, so when I visited, I asked the nurse about it, nurse told me it is meant to help the baby's lungs develop quickly. I did a search and seems like it is a very common thing to do, it is some sort of insurance in case the baby needs to be delivered earlier than planned, no side effects if only one course is administered.

Nurse also told me wife's blood pressure went down to 80+, so they put a drip on her to increase her blood pressure to 90+. But there is still blood in her urine, not sure if it is getting better or worse, still waiting for urologist findings, but overall her and baby seems to be doing fine. She also went for an ultrasound at the gynae, baby is 2.2KG, gynae says ok, google tells me normal range is 5.5 to 10 pounds, so seems to be okay, baby also doing ok.
So 6 more days to the c-section, please let her a…

Wife's Urine Still have Blood

So it has been 2 days since blood appeared in her urine, when I visited her just now there's still blood, doesn't seem to be getting better, at least it's not getting worse, I think the colour is the same as what I saw yesterday, maybe yesterday was a bit darker.
Today I tried to contact her cardiologist but didn't manage to get him, the duty doctor called me up and said the gynae doesn't think it is serious problem, can't remember exactly what else the doctor said but generally he was saying it's not serious to the extent that they have to do something, they did send my wife's urine/blood sample for testing, he thinks might be some sort of infection or some other non-pregnancy related problem, he also called in a urologist.
So just now I spoke to the urologist, he was at my wife's ward, he saw my wife's bloodied urine and he thinks it is mild, he was asking if my wife had any kidney stone previously, or backache, or urinary infection prior to p…

Wife Had Blood in Urine (Now 35 Weeks)

Just now when I went to see her, she told me there is blood in her urine, she told me to go with her into the toilet, wow, it was all red, I also saw a piece of blood clot, so I informed the nurse about it. My wife told me it started this morning, she passed urine about 4-5 times today and every time was red. A doctor also noted this morning and the gynae is also aware, they sent my wife's urine for testing, now waiting for results.

I asked my wife if she was feeling pain anywhere, she said no, only back ache but it comes and goes and we don't think it is serious. I also felt baby moving and kicking several times since I was there, my wife also said baby was moving all the time so I guess baby is doing fine, but I'm very concerned about the blood in her urine.

I did some research and found that having blood in urine at third trimester is not a good sign, but fortunate thing is she is now in hospital, if anything urgent comes up, the hospital staff can help immediately. Ano…

Confinement Period After Birth

Time sure flies, 10 more days and my baby will be born so now I'm thinking about the confinement thingy.

Just now my family visited my wife and my mom offered to help my wife during her confinement period. After my family left, I told my wife our Chinese custom of Zuo Yue Zi 坐月子 i.e. following a bunch of rules for one month, I also told her she is not allowed to go out or do anything, not even bring her mom and cousin to tour Singapore, then she got upset and refused to talk to me lol.

So I thought about it, actually I don't know much about the confinement, everything I know I heard it from friends and my mom, so to pacify my wife, I told her she can follow her Thai customs or whatever she likes, then she felt better.

I went home and did some research on this Zuo Yue Zi thing, found that the some of the rules are kind of absurd, no drinking water and bathing? What? For one month??? I get that women should rest after birth but to not drink water and not shower is really silly. …

Haha Wife Still in A Class Ward

This is the 3rd day she is staying in the A class ward, I wonder when she will transfer to C ward, lol, I kept thinking where got such good thing, I selected C they gave me A but still charge me C rates, unbelievable.

So today I took half-day leave to go for financial counselling, yesterday one nurse told me to come at 3.30pm and they will call the people to do the counselling with me. At 4pm, nobody came so I go find the clerk outside my wife's room, she told me to go to patient services centre, then the centre told me to go to women's clinic, then women's clinic told me I should go to clinic g, NB, what the hell, suddenly I feel like a football.

Finally at the clinic g a very nice lady went through the costs with me, c-section plus 3 days stay in C ward comes up to about $1280+, all can pay by Medisave and no need to pay deposit. The lady told me if choose higher class then maybe need to pay deposit, I also don't know how they calculate but usually C no need. It'…

Wife Still in A Class Ward

Hmm, seems like not bad huh, I choose C class ended up they give her A class lol. I think still no bed, just now when I visited her, they said want to transfer her, in the end only change room, still same ward and same 2 bedder, nurse told me because one auntie just had operation, another going to operation so they don't want to put them together.

Anyway I asked for the bill, the bill indeed shows that my wife is being charged C class even though she is staying in A. But they still charged for the ER, I feel that I don't have to pay, then again wife get to enjoy A class so I should just keep quiet but principle tells me never to pay for what I don't need to pay so I politely asked them to explain to me why they charged me $108 for the ER when the nurse told me I won't be charged, if they can waive then great, if cannot also no big deal since my wife enjoyed A class for 2 days so really nothing much to complain about.

And tomorrow need to take half day leave, the staff …

Wife Temporarily Warded at NUH Kent Ridge Wing Class A

This morning a doctor from the ER called at around 6.30am to inform that there is still no ward and my wife might have to stay in the ER for about 3 more hours. Then my wife called at about 8am to tell me she has been moved to a 2 bedder at Kent Ridge Wing, I was shocked since 2 bedder is class A, yesterday I asked for class C, the price difference is significant, even more so for a PR so I quickly called to check.

Damn bad luck, NUH website was down so I can't find any information, I called the appointment line instead and the very helpful staff helped me to confirm my wife's location, she gave me the direct number to the ward, so I called them. The ward staff told me that my wife will still be charged under C class because there is no bed available, so they put her in the 2 bedder temporarily until our requested ward class is available. Phew, my wife is supposed to stay there for 21 days, if stay in class A will be damn expensive, think will even burn out my Medisave.

So lat…

Wife Warded at NUH Emergency Centre!

Not because she was in critical condition, but because there was simply no bed available!

Basket we saw the cardiologist at about 2.15pm, he did the paperwork and stuff, nurse told us to wait for a bed, we waited until 8.30pm, bloody hell 6 hours+ of waiting still no bed. Finally the nurse called the emergency centre and they agreed to take us for no extra charge, nurse said if go before 9pm it will be normal ER charges, but thankfully the ER guys allowed us to go at 8.30pm without extra charge. Tomorrow she will be moved to the normal ward when there is bed available.

So the plan now is she will be warded up to 3 weeks, 2 weeks for her Warfarin to clear as she will be switched over to IV Heparin, the c-section will happen at the 3rd week, finally if everything goes well, she should be able to discharge by the end of the 3rd week.

Seems like everything is going as planned, so far so good, now I'm trying to teach my mother-in-law and wife's cousin how to get to the hospital via…

Mother-in-law and Cousin Short Term Visit Pass

They entered Singapore on 01 May, they were granted 30 days stay so I wanted to confirm the last day of their stay. ICA have this tool for public to use, basically just add 30 calendar days to the day of their entry i.e. 01 May + 30 days is 31 May last day, another example is 01 Jun + 30 days is 01 Jul last day since Jun only have 30 days.

So right now still not confirm whether I need to extend their stay, if need be I can do it online or bring them to ICA, now I'm more concerned with my wife's hospitalization on 05 May.

My Mother-in-law and Wife's Cousin is Here

So this morning I took the 6.30am flight to Bangkok, woke up damn early to take taxi, from Commonwealth to Changi Airport the trip costed almost $30 lol.

So I reached Bangkok at around 9am Singapore time, met up with my MIL, cousin and relatives who came to send them off. We waited close to 4 hours for our flight home, nothing much to do but wait, too bad I cannot communicate in Thai or else I can chat with them. Anyway my wife bought in advance a Thai sim card at Golden Mile Complex, not sure how much she bought it for but she said very expensive compared to buying in Thailand, but it's useful, when I reached Bangkok I just slot in the SIM and top it up so I can call my wife. Actually can also buy there la, many shops selling.

After waiting, finally we are on our way home, don't know why but when I return to SG I feel very glad, especially when I see that welcome home message at the arrival checkpoint. We managed to get through the checkpoint without any problem, I told them …