Baby Jaundice at 258!

Baby Jaundice is now 229

Baby Went for Jaundice Check at Polyclinic

Wife and Baby Discharged Yesterday

Lucky Can Get Extension

Wife INR is 2.3

Super Long Queue at ICA

Wife Still in ICU

This Guy Really Anti-Foreigner to the Max LOL

Got Baby's SG50 Birth Certificate and Good News

Forgot to Get the Notification of Live Birth

Wife C-Section Success!

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Wife's Urine is Now Yellow

Negative Comments Early in the Morning

4 More Days to C-Section

Wife Got Injection and Drip

Wife's Urine Still have Blood

Wife Had Blood in Urine (Now 35 Weeks)

Confinement Period After Birth

Haha Wife Still in A Class Ward

Wife Still in A Class Ward

Wife Temporarily Warded at NUH Kent Ridge Wing Class A

Wife Warded at NUH Emergency Centre!

Mother-in-law and Cousin Short Term Visit Pass

My Mother-in-law and Wife's Cousin is Here