30 May 2015

Baby Jaundice at 258!

Today went to Queenstown Polyclinic to check her jaundice again, suddenly it rise so high, the nurse took blood sample from baby's sole, I think very painful because baby was crying, but she stopped once we stepped out of the lab, good girl. The doctor gave me a referral letter to NUH A&E and told me to bring baby there tomorrow, I think have to admit her because I read that NUH do not offer home phototherapy, think maybe have to be warded for 1-2 days.

After that we went to West Mall, very nice mall, not so crowded and good variety of shopping options, we ate at Sakae Sushi, 4 adults total around $108 including service charge and gst, lol I thought will cost at least $200 because me and wife usually spend around $80-$90, somehow 4 person it becomes cheaper, weird, maybe because we didn't sit down too long, wife had to feed baby once and coax her to sleep so we didn't really ate that much.

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