20 May 2015

Forgot to Get the Notification of Live Birth

After I went home and checked how to register birth, found that need a Notification of Live Birth from the hospital, for us also need our identity cards i.e. my Singapore NRIC and wife's PR blue card, also need our Marriage Certificate, all must be original, also have to think of name first which I already have. More details here.

So tomorrow have to go back to the neonatal ward, anyway I also have to go there first and pass my wife her phone, pack some stuff for wife, give her then go to neonatal ward and get the document and go to ICA to register, also might as well bring mother-in-law and cousin to golden mile complex since it is nearby.

So remember friends, after your wife deliver, ask for the Notification of Live Birth.


Sim said...

Thanks for the information.
Add on , now u can register for the SG50 baby bonus too ;)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yep, reading about it now lol.