27 May 2015

Wife and Baby Discharged Yesterday

Supposed to discharge on 25th May but team doctor say wife INR 1.9 so have to stay back, don't know why INR suddenly dropped from 2.3 to 1.9, I think because of the food my mother brought, the broccoli, cauliflower and sesame oil, all contain vitamin K.

Then yesterday they checked and it was 1.92, they wanted to keep her but I insisted that she be discharged, I said if 2pm they don't discharge I will bring her and baby and leave the hospital, so they hurried and get ready her medications and discharge documents. After that the team doctor came and told me they wanted to do an echo for her before she go, he said have to wait until 4pm I said no, then he came back again and said they can scan now so I relented, shouldn't have agree, in the the scan finished at around 4.30pm, by then the nurse said have to wait for doctor review, I fed up take bags and ask wife to carry baby and we walk out lol.

At the counter I asked the nurse if there is anything for me to sign if not I will leave, she quickly got ready all the medication and discharge summary, if I wasn't firm I think yesterday also cannot discharge. Anyway they also gave 2 bags of freebies, contains diapers, wipes, piggy bank and some brochures, didn't really see the contents, wife took out the stuff and packed into baby's cabinet. The diapers, wipes and baby shower on the baby cart also can take, end up no need to buy anything for now.

So yesterday baby spent her first night at home, she blended in very well, but kept waking up for feeding which is a good thing for her but wife is tired because have to keep feeding. Wife is doing breastfeed so I don't even need to buy milk powder, lucky never buy, but I think also good to standby a small tin just in case, not every mother can produce enough milk, but I think the trick is to keep pumping out the milk after breast feeding, the manual pump that I bought for wife is very useful, it's like a breast exercise device, the thing with breast milk is if you keep pumping out, it will generate more and more, and baby's diapers is wet and yellowish means feeding well.

Anyway tomorrow baby is going for her jaundice check at polyclinic, have her mom and cousin accompany her and it's only 2 bus stops away so I don't have to take leave.

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