03 June 2015

Went to NUH Gynae

Today took half-day leave to accompany wife to gynae to check her c-section wound, everything is fine, wound is healing fine and they removed the bandage, wife can now shower, actually she can shower even with the bandage but need to waterproof, anyway too late, she haven't shower since 20 May lol, but of course she have been cleaning herself with warm wet towel.

Wife say still have slight pain sometimes but wound have closed, but still got to take it easy, cannot let her carry heavy stuff, lucky MIL is here, it is indeed essential to have someone to help out after pregnancy. Wife also mentioned period seems to have returned.

Anyway we also dropped by baby's ward, she is doing great, jaundice have dropped to 190 from 281, they are going to continue the photo-therapy until 10.30pm, tomorrow should be able to discharge.

And yesterday while going through the wife and baby hospital interim bills, I noticed that baby was charged citizen rate from delivery day to discharge, I always thought baby will be charged based on mother's residential status, wife is PR so I thought baby will be charged at wife's rate, maybe because baby is citizen by birth that's why have privilege? Don't know, but it sure helps. But one thing for sure is government is heavily subsidising on hospital bills for citizens and PR, without the subsidy, my wife's bill will be almost $14k, after subsidy is $5k+, baby's bill only $900+.

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