30 July 2015

New 3-Station IPPT Looks Easy!

Today I checked out the 3-station IPPT but first this is the 3-station standard:

3-Station Standard

At first I was thinking the new system might be tougher since it has only 3 stations, last time was 5 stations, but I tried the calculator and got a pleasant surprise.

20 push-ups, 36 sit-ups and 15 mins for 2.4 and I get 53 points for a pass. This is not so siong for me.


If I try harder, 24 push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 14 min for 2.4, I can get incentive which is $200.


Wow, now want to pass is much easier. One catch is there is a minimum amount you must do for push-up and sit-up or else you fail, for me is at least 11 each which gives me 1 point each which means minimum must get 1 point each for push-up and sit-up, surely I can do more than 11 la.

Another good thing is I have one whole year to pass, and if I fail, I have another year to take RT, big improvement, last system was very punishing for working people, with this new system I think it will give us working people a break.

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