30 July 2015

Still Haven't Get Wife's Hospital Bill

My wife was discharged on 26 May 2015, until now we still haven't got the final bill from hospital, reason why I need it is because I can claim part of it from company which is quite a substantial amount.

I checked with the NUH staff twice and they told me pending on CPF side, so yesterday I called CPF and got a shock, they told me they haven't received the Medisave claim from NUH! How can it be, NUH told me they submitted on 10 Jun, and until yesterday CPF haven't receive? Then the CPF staff told me today they should receive my claim and will process it, wow, it's been more than 2 months since my wife discharged and now then they process, I wonder how NUH send the claim to CPF, don't they have a computer system or at least registered mail, it's ridiculous.

Anyway I hope I can get the final bill next week so I can submit to my company.

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