03 July 2015

Top-Up $3000 to OCBC CDA

So that day I opened the CDA with OCBC and deposited $500, today I got my OCBC internet banking access all set up, so I went to my DBS iBanking account to do a fund transfer. I was thinking whether to put my name or baby's name, I remembered actually account is opened under my name for baby, so I put OCBC bank, the account number and my name as recipient. I used the FAST transfer, really fast, after transaction completed, I logged into the OCBC account and I saw a total of $3000, the transfer is immediate.

So later when I receive the next $3000 from government, I will also top-up to CDA, this is to save for baby's future, hopefully don't have to use too much so this money can go to her education account.

I hope one day she can study in our NUS or NTU, don't be like me, secondary school dropout, but well, not doing too bad now with a private degree but if I went to a good university, I probably can do even better, who knows. Truth is, if family is not rich, then education is very important.

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