27 August 2015

Home-made Rattle for Baby

Recently I bought one of the Wrigley's double-mint sugar-free mints, it comes in a tin casing and when I shake it will make noise. Just now baby was crying so I tried shaking in front of her, she stopped crying! Since it works so well, I don't think I need to buy those expensive rattle, one of those costs $6-$10 or more, this mint tin only cost me $2 and comes with 35 mints lol.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I just had my son earlier this year and what you can do is use an empty drink bottle (like the 330ml Coke bottle, or whatever you have) and put in uncooked rice/macaroni/broken spaghetti and screw the cap on very tight. It makes a really good and cheap rattle too :)