13 August 2015

Went for the Up Your Service Course 100

It is a 2 days course from 9am to 6pm, today is my first day and of the many courses I went to, I think this one is not bad, most of the others I will feel like sleeping at the start but this one I felt like sleeping only after lunch lol, I think it is because it is a very engaging course as in the instructor will put everyone in groups and make us do meaningful group activities, those activities are very well designed to put you thinking from where you are coming from, be it IT, finance or whatever, and how you can apply what you learn to work.

Just one day into the course and I feel like I can start giving better service to people around me, one concept I find very interesting is every time we do something better than the norm for people, people will eventually start to take it as the norm, which means we can only try to always do even better or else we will lag behind, I think this is very challenging but not impossible, if I can really put it to work, I think it will help me a lot.

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