21 September 2015

Medishield Life: Serious Pre-existing Conditions Requiring Additional Premiums


Broad categories of serious pre-existing conditions

Looking at the list I am not immediately sure whether my wife and baby will be subjected to additional premium, but I am prepared to pay more if need be.

My wife has a prosthetic aortic valve, it's not giving her any problem and is well-maintained by her daily intake of Warfarin and Aspirin. However her cardiologist is keen on replacing with a larger one for her, her current one is a bit narrow but she's doing fine with it, in the end it's up to her whether to replace or not but I am siding with her cardiologist on this, operation is best done when she is young.

My daughter has atrial septal defect which according to her paediatric cardiologist is not very serious, it would probably mend by itself when she gets older but even if it doesn't mend, intervention is only required when she is one year old, have to see how and follow-up closely with the doctor, but so far baby is doing great, she seems very healthy and active, if I tell people she has heart issue I don't think people will believe.

So looking at their cases, I'm thinking probably don't need additional premium, but see how, wait for the letter from CPF Board.

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