24 September 2015

Public Holiday Stay Home Thanks to Indonesia

Today the PSI reading at 12PM is 173-216 overall in Singapore, and today is a public holiday, I guess everybody will be staying home, actually wanted to bring wife and baby out to enjoy the day but looking at the haze can forget it, so I went to Sheng Siong to buy groceries and cook instead.

So on my way to SS, so little people outside, usually on a public holiday it will be very crowded almost anywhere, today so quiet but SS is packed, everybody go in to enjoy the aircon, I saw so many aunties never buy anything just go inside walk and stand around chatting, and some people never buy anything or buy much just push the shopping trolley around.

Anyway this Indonesia really cannot make it, their leadership is completely hopeless, it's been decades since the haze started and they still can't solve the haze problem, how long more do they need? This is what happens when you put useless people in charge, no matter how much authority they have, or how much resources they have, they simply cannot deliver. The burning happens in their country and they can't stop it, what a joke. And where's the company name list? I thought since 2013 they say want to give us, until now we still don't know who are the culprits, another big joke. And best part is the haze is also affecting their own people, and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.

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