10 October 2015

Government Credited $600 in Baby's Account

Just noticed that there is extra $600 in baby's CDA account, credited on 16 Sep 2015.

So far we haven't touch her CDA money, I intend to save it for her until her post-secondary education, this is one way we are saving for her education, but who knows later when government opens more options for CDA monies we might start using but for now I don't see a need to touch.


Gunger said...

Hi I have also noticed this $600 in the CDA account. But the CDA account is supposed to be top up by match one-by-one policy? If I didn't save any money into the CDA, where does this $600 comes from?


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

It's part of Singapore budget 2015, it's a one-off topup ;)