04 October 2015

Great Lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen @ The Clementi Mall

Today I went to Clementi Mall to sign up M1 fibre broadband for my parents, service at their address but I pay (can pay by credit card monthly), because the Starhub fibre at their house contract ended, now every month charging me $83 including the cable tv, parents never watch the tv so might as well just get a cheap fibre connection. M1 today last day offer for the 200Mbps @ $29 per month, can choose to add $5 per month to get an Asus RT-N56U router, I think quite worth it, the router outside sellling $160+ if I'm not wrong, so I ended up getting that router too. But I think they will come up with new offer, they always have very competitive offers going on.

So before I went to sign up for the fibre plan, we dropped by Crystal Jade for lunch, it was great, very satisfied with the meal, service was prompt, friendly and very professional, makes me feel like a VIP lol. And I'm not really into taking pictures of food but today I felt that I should since their food was great, the servings were larger than we expected so me and wife ate until very full.

First dish was the fried yam puff, if you see the following picture I finished a piece on my plate, comes in 3 pieces, didn't take a picture of it because eat too fast lol. The picture of the chicken was taken after we ate one or two pieces, it was quite a large portion, larger than expected and only $16.80, I think it's a whole chicken because I saw 2 drumsticks. The chicken was very lean, not oily, I think it is kampong chicken, barely any fats so feel very healthy, very worth it.

Steamed Chicken $16.80

This is the Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce and sesame sauce, the sesame sauce is very power, it is plain no prawn or what inside but goes very well with the sauce, if put some of their red chilli (free) even better, provided you can eat spicy. You see the picture very small, but it is quite a large serving, me and wife were quite shocked lol, so if you order better don't order too many.

Chee Cheong Fan $4.20

Chicken feet, wife's favourite, she ordered 2 servings and finished all, I didn't eat so I don't know good or not, but since she can finish means should be edible. The serving also looks quite big, looks bigger than those from Yum Cha Chinatown.

Chicken Feet $4.30

These baos have salted egg yolk fillings inside, have to open carefully or the fillings will burst out, lucky I have had some experience when I ate at Yum Cha, so this time I split open from the middle slowly into two pieces, but if compare with Yum Cha's version, I think fillings very similar, can't tell the difference, both are great, as for the skin, I think both are negligible, to be honest I eat this bao purely for the fillings lol.

Liu Sha Bao $4.90

Well, after eating all that, wife say feel like vomit, both of us feel very full but satisfied, and when I went to make payment, got another surprise, final bill was $46.25 after GST and service charge, and I got a 10% discount because I was paying with POSB Everyday Card. This meal very worth it, eat so full and not expensive, will go back again for sure.

And before I end this post, must warn readers of this shop at City Vibe at Clementi, the shop name is Frozen Korea Ice Dessert Cafe, just now me and wife ordered the Elsa Snow Flakes Cookies and Cream, when they market it as snow flakes I thought it was the snow flake dessert like those Taiwanese dessert, but when it came, it was a big bowl of coarse ice with crushed Oreo, topped with one scoup of ice-cream, one piece of Oreo and a big bunch of whipped cream and this didn't come cheap, $10.90, for this kind of price tag I would expect milky snow flakes at least, but it's mostly coarse ice! Might as well eat Ice Kachang, $1.50 can get. Me and wife felt a bit scammed but well, this kind of shop eat once and never go back, now I know why whenever we passed by the shop is always so quiet.

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