23 October 2015

So Many Beggars and Indirect Beggars

I saw this old woman, she was waiting at the MRT station, morning I see her, evening when I go home also see her, every time I pass by she will call me Da Ge meaning Big Brother in Mandarin, and then she will ask me to help her, I don't even bother and just continue walking. Just a few days ago she was with an old man, the old man also addressed me as Da Ge, I'm 32, and they looked like they are in their 60s at least, and they call me Big Brother, how disgusting, people will really do anything for money, these people have no shame.

Every day during lunchtime, so many of those tissue sellers, 3 packets for $1, super overpriced, this is almost like begging, those kind of tissue 10 packets selling at most $2, sometimes offer 10 packets less than $1 also can get, why in the world will I want to pay 3 for $1 when I can get 10 for less than $1? Then today got one middle-aged guy playing Er Hu, damn lousy, more noisy than entertaining and he walks around expecting people to pay for his music, more like noise. Best part is these people probably are not locals, looks like from China or sometimes brown skin, maybe Indonesia or Thailand, but local or not, they are not going to get a single cent from me, who knows they are even richer than I am, why donate to someone richer than me?

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