03 November 2015

Tissue Auntie Spent Money on Cigarettes

Today while walking towards our lunch venue with my colleagues, I noticed this auntie sitting down at the stairway, she was smoking, it was those packed kind of cigarette, one packet probably cost around $9 to $11 depending on the brand. I recognize her, she always go around our lunch area selling tissue, kind of shocking to know that she spent money on cigarettes instead of spending on something useful, I'm glad I never buy from her, nor did I buy from anyone else, nowadays I don't believe in charity, who knows the person might actually be richer than me.

My impression of people selling tissue is I don't know if they are really poor or just thinking it is easy money but it sure is, 3 packs for $1, some people probably give more than $1, what is $1 to working class, sometimes I see people give $4 or $5 and ask them to keep the change, but ultimately where does the money go to? Only they know.

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