05 December 2015

Bought iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB Rose Gold (A1687) for Wife

She had an iPad 4 bought in late 2012 when it was just launched and now it is broken, that day she was angry so she smashed it lol, buy so expensive and yet so easily destroyed, what a waste of money, I think that time bought at $658, the 16 GB version with only wifi. And as her mobile phone is very old, we decided to get an iphone instead, one device multiple uses.

So today we went to VivoCity Starhub shop, many people but many counters so didn't wait very long. We signed for the 4G 3GB plan at $42.90 a month (inclusive of gst), got the phone at $716 but have to pay another $26.75 for a new sim card because her old sim card cannot fit into the phone. The iPhone sim card is much smaller. Also bought casing and screen protector, $15 each. At first we checked out one stall, one casing $39, lucky never buy, went downstair the same looking casing $15 lol what the hell.

After that we went home and tried the device, it is almost like her iPad because the OS is the same iOS9, I think only major difference is iPhone can make phone calls but iPad cannot, and 6s is very fast, but this phone really expensive, if buy without contract is $1218 for the 16 GB version, that price can buy 2000 shares of Cambridge Industrial Trust lol.

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