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Cannot Take IPPT

Just came back from Safra Jurong, I didn't get to take my IPPT, the PTI say my name not in their system meaning I cannot take, even if they let me take also not counted and he asked me to call the 1800 number. I told him I only excuse from push-up, he checked also reflect same thing in the system but somehow I still cannot take my IPPT, I thought excuse push-up means excuse only the push-up station? Anyway I called the NS portal and they also can't answer my question, my question is do I even need take my IPPT and my window is closing soon so how, will I be penalized? They noted my query and say will forward to my unit, best is no need to take la, waste time since no reward money even if I take. And their system also not smart, since I cannot take, then why let me book, cock right, want to make me waste my time to go all the way there right. Army is forever cock-up, wonder if they actually get anything right at all, oh wait, only when they call you for service then they rea

Baby can Flip and Stand a bit

Now she is more than 8 months old and she is able flip back and forth while lying down, she is also able to stand a bit unassisted, but still not able to crawl. I think next month maybe will see something new lol.

Arm Seems to be Getting Better

Yesterday went to polyclinic to see doctor for my muscle tear, the medicine really power, this morning notice that the bruising retreated significantly, by now only left a 1 cm wide 3.5 cm long bruise, yesterday much bigger. Also feel that strength returning to my arm, since injury right arm like so weak, now feeling stronger, also when I stretch some awkward position not that pain anymore but can still feel some strain. Hopefully can fully recover soon. Oh by the way I received the referral letter from my medical centre, lol now then receive, wonder if I can go book specialist appointment using this letter, think should be able to but maybe no need already.

Army Really Famous for Cock-Ups

Today I went to work and my right chest kept twitching non-stop due to the muscle tear injury during my ICT, so annoying and disruptive and until today I still haven't get the referral letter from my camp medical centre. So I called the NS hotline, they forwarded case to my unit, basically the hotline people cannot do anything, might as well I call my unit directly. But at least my unit returned call really fast and told me my appointment was on 19 Jan lol, today 26 Jan and now then I know I have an appointment which is over, the guy said somebody informed me, yeah more like nobody informed me, the guy said he only received the letter last Friday which was 22 Jan and he mailed out yesterday or today, joker right, appointment over then mail out to me for fuck, contradicting right, if he received the letter last Friday, by then appointment already over, then why would anyone inform me? Really cock and bull story. Then I asked him about the cost, he said I don't have what M s

Booked IPPT at Safra Jurong

Since I am excused from push-up thought might as well try the Safra IPPT, friend say run treadmill in air-con room, very relaxed. I just need 39 points to pass, hope this time don't tear any other muscle lol. Now my arm bruised again, actually the bruising have mostly retreated but last weekend while carrying stuff into the back of taxi, the boot cannot close so I tried to elbow with my right arm, ended up hurting again, always forget not to use right arm, and I found that my left arm is very weak, too used to right arm already.

Wife Enhanced Income Shield Rejected

Earlier on I applied NTUC Income Shield both wife and baby, recently received a letter saying wife's application was rejected, was kind of expecting it but never mind, at least she is still covered under Medishield Life, still way better than the old Medishield. Now waiting for baby's application, hopefully can go through.

Last Day of ICT

So fast last day of ICT, I checked NS Portal they updated another high-key for me, I just need to clear one last high-key and I can go MR! End of ICT also mean start of work, tomorrow have to go back to office, wonder how many hundreds or even thousands of emails to read lol, hopefully not much problem. And Chinese New Year is coming soon, I gave my mother $150 (sister also gave $150) and asked her to cook, might as well eat at home, eat at restaurant so expensive and the food not as good as home-cooked food. I missed my mother's sesame oil chicken and pig trotters, they are the best I have eaten so far, outside ones are too salty and not fragrant enough. I think if my mother open a stall can earn good money but I doubt she is interested, too bad I am not chef if not I can learn from her and open my own stall.

Excuse Status Updated in NS Portal

Tuesday I took my IPPT and tore my muscle, then I reported sick on Wednesday and got 84 days excuse upper limbs and push-up, today I checked the status is inside NS Portal, yesterday check don't have, so it means they take at least one day to update. So confirm I exempted from push-ups so only need to clear sit-up and 2.4.

Today ICT Taxi Fare

Today go $14, come back $-0.1, my camp mates gave me too much, they say they last ICT so no more chance to give me lol wtf, sigh still have one more high-key, if this one my last I don't even mind paying all the taxi fares. But not so bad la, at least next one is my last, how siong also never mind, hope can go early and finish early. So tomorrow I think R&R, Monday maybe MR ceremony then out-process.

Got Excuse for Upper Limb and Push-Up

Today the bruising seems to have gotten worse, so this morning I went to report sick at the medical centre in my camp. Nowadays the medical centre look like polyclinic, very modern, last time very old dilapidated building. So the MO saw my arm, he did some basic movement tests, asked me to turn his fist, pull and etc, then he prescribed painkiller and cream for me, also gave me an excuse chit for upper limbs and push-ups for 84 days, that means I don't have to take push-up for IPPT, only sit-up and running. He also referred me to specialist for follow-up, I choose NUH so he referred to NUH sports medicine. I checked the 2 station IPPT score, need to achieve 39 points or more to pass, but no reward money, but never mind, just pass will do. And today so many of my friends received the pre-MR letter, that means confirm this one is their last ICT, I still have one more. And today taxi fares go $10, come home $18, still below budget ;)

Checked My NS Booklet

Found that I have completed 11 ORNS cycles, if include this one should be 12, however out of this 12 I only have 6 high-keys and 4 low-keys, there is a 1 day low-key but I don't think it even matter since low-keys are pretty much useless. the crux here is I am short of 1 high-key to MR. I also noticed that I have a 6 day ICT, this is a low-key and basically I went back for nothing because it doesn't even help to bring me one step closer to MR. I also have a whole bunch of 0.5 day and 1 day call-up, why don't they just merge it and look at the overall figure instead, and I'm not alone, so many have served 12 or even 13 years or more but they still haven't MR because they didn't clock enough high-key, imagine the shock and disappointment these people get when they realize that it's not yet over. Some worse still, they get call back for two ICT in one work year, but only one is counted, what the freaking hell right, consider myself very lucky that I never k

Tore Muscle at IPPT Push-up WTF

Today I woke damn early at 5AM with great hope of passing the IPPT with incentive since it is now so easy, $200 reward money, but I tore my bicep at the push-up, wtf man, what are the chances of tearing bicep muscle while doing push-ups lol. Muscle Tear at Bicep Area Just now there was no bruising but after I got home, it started bruising with greenish and a red patch, seems like it's a patch of blood, something burst open inside. I was doing my push-ups as usual, at the 10th rep, I heard a crackling sound, the guy who assisted me thought I dislocated my elbow lol, he was so shocked hahaha, I was very shocked too, do push-up also can tear muscle. I did warm-up, don't know how come still can get injured, sigh, now have to go book outside. Then actually still got chance to pass, but my 2.4 KM cannot make it, sigh... damn sad day. Also this ICT so many of my platoon mates MR, next ICT I think only left a few cats wandering around haha. And today taxi fare is $10.60 go

First Day of ICT Slack as Usual

This ICT going to be slack, only IPPT, route march and a lot of "self-maintenance", basically wait for time to pass, heng no field training. But today go back I very sian, quite a number of my platoon mates have already MR, and a large number coming back for their last in-camp, ahhhh I still have one more high-key. And tomorrow IPPT, try the 3-station, heard the push-up very strict, but now should be much easier to pass. Today taxi fare total I spent $14.25 go and $10.20 come back, share cab with 2 of my platoon mates so save a lot.

Tomorrow Going In-Camp Training

Wah na beh, sian, but at least after this one, I only left with one high-key, I think before 35 years old can MR. Tomorrow don't know friend going back or not, if going back then can share cab, if not I'll just have to take alone lol, anyway this time I going back for 6 days, weekend I think no need to go back, so I budget $50 a day for taxi, total $300, but I don't think will use that much, one trip with surcharge and booking at most $22-23, unless traffic jam. Next week don't know doing what, if can go range also good, maybe can earn $100, and I hope can pass my IPPT, this year I think 3 station, push-up, sit-up and 2.4KM. Hope no field training, but I think very unlikely.

U-Save Rebate for Jan 2016 and Apr 2016

This month our utilities bill was $86.27, after the $65 rebate, it is now $20.37, very helpful, this is one good thing about owning a 2-room flat, but now thinking of getting a larger flat, maybe a 3-room, at least my daughter can have her own room but must wait until MOP. April still getting one more $65.