30 January 2016

Cannot Take IPPT

Just came back from Safra Jurong, I didn't get to take my IPPT, the PTI say my name not in their system meaning I cannot take, even if they let me take also not counted and he asked me to call the 1800 number. I told him I only excuse from push-up, he checked also reflect same thing in the system but somehow I still cannot take my IPPT, I thought excuse push-up means excuse only the push-up station?

Anyway I called the NS portal and they also can't answer my question, my question is do I even need take my IPPT and my window is closing soon so how, will I be penalized? They noted my query and say will forward to my unit, best is no need to take la, waste time since no reward money even if I take.

And their system also not smart, since I cannot take, then why let me book, cock right, want to make me waste my time to go all the way there right. Army is forever cock-up, wonder if they actually get anything right at all, oh wait, only when they call you for service then they really accurate lol.

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