13 January 2016

Got Excuse for Upper Limb and Push-Up

Today the bruising seems to have gotten worse, so this morning I went to report sick at the medical centre in my camp. Nowadays the medical centre look like polyclinic, very modern, last time very old dilapidated building.

So the MO saw my arm, he did some basic movement tests, asked me to turn his fist, pull and etc, then he prescribed painkiller and cream for me, also gave me an excuse chit for upper limbs and push-ups for 84 days, that means I don't have to take push-up for IPPT, only sit-up and running. He also referred me to specialist for follow-up, I choose NUH so he referred to NUH sports medicine.

I checked the 2 station IPPT score, need to achieve 39 points or more to pass, but no reward money, but never mind, just pass will do.

And today so many of my friends received the pre-MR letter, that means confirm this one is their last ICT, I still have one more.

And today taxi fares go $10, come home $18, still below budget ;)

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