18 January 2016

Last Day of ICT

So fast last day of ICT, I checked NS Portal they updated another high-key for me, I just need to clear one last high-key and I can go MR!

End of ICT also mean start of work, tomorrow have to go back to office, wonder how many hundreds or even thousands of emails to read lol, hopefully not much problem.

And Chinese New Year is coming soon, I gave my mother $150 (sister also gave $150) and asked her to cook, might as well eat at home, eat at restaurant so expensive and the food not as good as home-cooked food. I missed my mother's sesame oil chicken and pig trotters, they are the best I have eaten so far, outside ones are too salty and not fragrant enough. I think if my mother open a stall can earn good money but I doubt she is interested, too bad I am not chef if not I can learn from her and open my own stall.

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